LUNGTA - the Wind Horse

This musical and theatre project is based upon the ancient ceremonies of Bon (pre-Buddhist shaman tradition of Tibet) and Tantric practices of different schools of Tibetan Buddhism, which get a new meaning and comprehension being placed in a historical, geographical and cultural continuum of nowadays Russia.

The main idea is to produce a synthesis using archaic traditions of the Orient and elements of the modern civilizations of the Western world.

The musicians, being not of a Tibetan origin, play authentic Tibetan instruments (dung-chen, gyan-ling, surna, damaru, shang, rolmo, sil-nyan, drilbu, dung-kar, rnga etc.) and sing using quite unique techniques of harmonic and overtone chanting practiced in different monasteries of the Bonpos and Buddhists.

The soundscape is formed with the help of unifying different genres and instruments of Tibet and Europe. Concrete music, noise, ethnic tunes of Siberia, North America and Tibet, power electro, ambient, industrial, as well as the famous overtone chanting of Tibetan monks - all these styles create a new sonic reality, where the sacred dancing of Cham rituals and Tantric practices of Tibetan Buddhism take place.